Potassium Rich Foods

The human body is indeed a complex organism made up of several functions. All of the body functions need energy and nutrients to be able to work optimally. The way to gain these substances that fuel the body functions is by getting healthy drinks and food. Some may opt for taking supplements on top of their daily meal to help the body gain essential nutrients. There are many nutrients needed by the body, one of them is potassium. In this article, you will be understanding more about potassium and what food that is rich with potassium.

Potassium is an essential mineral for humans. All cells and tissues in the human body need potassium to be able to function. Potassium is also known to be an electrolyte as it carries small electrical charges to enable cells to function. Potassium helps the body muscles including the heart muscles to contract. It also helps in regulating blood pressure. The body controls the level of potassium in the body through process in the kidney by removing excess potassium into the urine.

It is important to make sure a person’s potassium level in the body is within the normal range. When the potassium is low, a person may experience weakness and fatigue due to the body cells unable to fully metabolise carbohydrates for energy and less proteins are produced by the body. Aside from these issues, muscle cramps and abnormal heartbeat or rhythm caused by abnormal muscle contraction is often associated with those with low levels of potassium. Low level of potassium is common when a person is dehydrated such as from vomiting, diarrhoea and sweating or when a person taking medications that increase urination such as diuretics. At times, people have low potassium because they are not eating enough food containing potassium.

It is recommended that a woman get 2600 mg of potassium and an should get 3400 mg of potassium. Do note that the recommended amount may differ according to ages and a person’s certain health conditions such as those in pregnancy or breastfeeding. In order to make sure a person is getting potassium at a sufficient level, the easiest way is to get it from food that is rich in potassium. Surprisingly, many foods or drinks we eat on a daily basis already contain a certain amount of potassium. However, if you need an extra boost of potassium, you may want to pick items below and add in your daily meals. Below are examples of potassium rich food:

1)  Bananas

2)  Oranges and orange juices

3)  Apricots

4)  Honeydew

5)  Grapefruit

6)  Cantaloupe

7)  Dried fruits such as prunes, raisins and dates

8)  Spinach

9)  Broccoli

10)  Tomatoes

11)  Sweet potatoes

12)  Potatoes

13)  Leafy greens

14)  Cucumbers

15)  Zucchini

16)  Pumpkins

17)  Mushroom

18)  Dairy products such as milk and yoghurt

19)  Lima beans

20)  Lentils

21)  Kidney beans

22)  Soybeans

23)  Nuts

24)  Cashew

25)  Almonds

26)  Brown rice

27)  Wild rice

28)  Whole wheat bread

29)  Whole wheat pasta

30)  Tuna

31)  Cod

32)  Trout

33)  Salmon

34)  Chicken

35)  Coconut water

The above long list is an example of what you can eat or drink to gain more potassium. The best way to have all of this food is to prepare in the healthiest way and in the most natural state possible.

It is important to have discussion with healthcare professionals if you think you are experiencing symptoms regarding low potassium. If you opt for taking potassium supplement, do take it under medical supervision as having too much potassium can be dangerous. The danger of excessive potassium in the body includes irregular heartbeat that may end up with a heart attack. Heart health.