Need A New Nose? Look For The Latest Ways

To change the look of the face, the first thing to beautify is the nose. Surgery techniques can help in changing the look of the current nasal situation. Now, there are a few things to consider before opting for any method. How many type of nose surgery (วิธีการเสริมจมูกมีกี่แบบ, which is a term in Thai) one may wonder.

Garnishing the face with technologies comes with advantages and disadvantages. Good shape and size with side effects are some things to consider before going for any kind of surgery.  The strengths and weaknesses of surgeries are also dependent on the skin type.

Is Nose Surgery For You?

Surgery may be useful for changing a short or large nose with thick bones. You may appreciate a celebrity’s nasal structure, but only you can decide if it is appropriate for you. Discover the ifs and buts of such procedures. Being savvy about the operation might help you decide which option is best for you.

Either an open or closed nose surgery presents both sides of the coin. All you might notice is the nice side, where the face is accentuated. Successful surgery with all the expectations fulfilled is the dream, but some downsides include:

  • Scares
  • Unstructured Nose
  • Numbness
  • Pain And Swelling
  • Wounds

Fast recovery, less swelling, and perfect structure of the nose are also possible ways. You need to be prepared for the surgery along with the perks and defaults. Based on the skin and the surgery, the effects can be seen.

How Can It Do?

Nose surgery is done with the help of tissues and cartilage. Every step of the surgery requires materials from different body parts and their supplies. Nose augmentation and artificial tissue are just like human tissue, the latest technologies can provide positive results.

Supporting different sections of nose with different tissues is the successful formula of such surgeries. A sharp, beautiful, shaped, and fixed nose is made with the contribution of different body parts. The original nose structure is fixed or covered for better results.


Nose surgery is a top-liked method of improvisation of face structure. Types of surgeries with types of formulas are useful for the ones with a different texture. One can find many scientific ways of structuring the old nose into the new one. Open, semi-open, and closed surgeries are the options in which one can enter and get their new look according to their wish.