Is Excess Skin Making You Lose Confidence? Find Aid With Loose Skin Removal Process

Have you finally achieved your dream weight and feel better about yourself? Obesity is a silent killer, and when you get out of it, the other side is definitely better for you healthwise and looks-wise as well!

But one thing that follows after extreme weight loss is loose, saggy, and excess skin. This can become a confidence killer for some. It can be something that might even embarrass you! But luckily, there are solutions that can help you.

Procedures like loose skin removal surgery can be life-altering and help you become a more confident and refined version of yourself. When you look good physically, you tend to feel beautiful mentally, too.

In this article, we will understand what this surgery is and everything that you should know about it!

1- What is excess skin?  

People who are obese can lose weight with exercise, diet, or even surgery and be left with excess saggy skin. To accommodate a body’s size, the skin and tissues stretch, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. And after you lose the weight, your skin cannot return to its original self; that’s when it gets droopy and saggy.

2- What is excess skin removal surgery?  

There are various plastic surgeries to remove extra skin. It can remove the excess saggy skin, and you might even need body contouring after a significant weight loss.

3- Who can get it? 

Saggy and excess skin can not only be embarrassing but can affect your health too, it can be painful, and you might be susceptible to skin rashes and fungus as well.

A plastic surgeon or your physician will take a look at your condition and determine whether or not you need this surgery. Here are some signs that suggests you are a good candidate for the process –

1- If after a weight loss, you maintain your ideal weight for six months or more.

2- To keep the pounds off, you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3- If you don’t use any tobacco products or don’t smoke, smoking can affect the healing process of any wound.

4- If you are in good health and don’t expect unrealistic changes from the procedure.

4- What happens during it?  

The skin removal process often happens in various stages. You might need multiple surgeries, and the surgeon can guide you through the process beforehand. Depending upon the type of procedure you are going for, you may stay overnight, or after the surgery, you might be discharged and sent home.

5- How long does the effect last?  

The results of the surgery can last up to the time you can keep the weight off. We all go through many bodily changes in life, but if there is a significant amount of weight that you put on after the surgery, your skin will stretch again. Hence it’s important to keep the weight stable.

To conclude, 

Now, you are well aware of what is loose skin removal surgery and can decide whether you want to go for it or not. Before going for any surgery, it is advisable to take an opinion from your doctor. They can guide whether or not it is safe for you to do so.

It is a great way to regain your confidence and ensure that you look better. If you are interested and looking for a place to get this surgery done, you can check Barrett Plastic Surgery.