Facts About Deep Plane Facelifts

Aging is a normal process that cannot be stopped completely. True, the signs of aging may not be equally obvious in all individuals of the same age but the fine lines and wrinkles will make you look old. Turning the mirror back into your friend is a laborious process especially when you are keen to apply a variety of cosmetic products. One of the most popular alternatives to diminish the signs of aging is the Rhytidectomy or a facelift. However, you would be well advised to try one of the deep plane facelifts that have gained immense popularity due to its high success rate. 

While the conventional facelift is an invasive procedure that needs to be performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, the deep place facelift is a more intricate procedure that allows the surgeon to lift the aging skin perfectly without over-tightening the underlying facial tissues. This will enable you to avoid the pinched look that is often telling evidence of having undergone cosmetic surgery. Moreover, the surgeon will be able to reposition the fat pads as necessary to improve the mid-face area. The extra fat will be removed from the jawline and chin to give a well-defined appearance as well.

Reasons for deep plane facelifts

The elasticity of the skin lessens with age and the sagging skin makes you look older. The process may begin when you are in your 30s. This is the reason that many people in their late 30s and early 40s seek consultation with renowned cosmetic surgeons inquiring about the efficacy of facelifts, particularly the deep plane facelift. Well, the surgeon will advise you to go through the deep plane facelift when you experience any of the following:-

  • Premature wrinkles– The elasticity of the skin decreases with age. Collagen generation ceases after a time too. You will be worried about finding numerous wrinkles all over your face making you look decidedly older. Being exposed to harmful UV Rays for days at a stretch may result in a wrinkled appearance prematurely as well. The medical professional will advise a deep plane facelift to remove the wrinkles and smooth out your face.

  • Lax Skin– The skin that loses its elasticity will fail to bounce back when subject to earth’s gravity. You will be aghast to find the skin sagging down with the folds being prominent under your chin, and jawline resulting in drooping cheeks, double chin, and jowls.  The surgeon will be able to reposition the fat appropriately under your face to get rid of the lax skin that tightens appreciably making you look years younger. 

It is imperative to discuss the issue with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon at length before going for the deep plane facelifts. You must be between the ages of 40 to 70 to qualify for the procedure. Following a healthy lifestyle and not smoking or consuming excessive alcohol are prerequisites to being a good candidate as well. Moreover, you will be informed about the results of the procedure It is important to have a realistic expectation to avoid disappointment.