Top 5 blood cancer treatment centers in Noida

Blood cancers disturb blood cells and bone marrow — the spongy/soft tissue inside one’s bones where blood cells are created. Standardly the blood cancers, also labeled hematologic cancers, initiate in the bone marrow, where blood is formed. Blood cancers transpire when abnormal blood cells jump, rising out of control, interpolating the purpose of normal blood cells, which fight off contamination/infection and produce new blood cells. These blood cancers alter how blood cells act and how well they toil. If one is searching for a Blood Cancer treatment center in Noida, Zeeva clinics will show up. One can find the best oncologist in Noida and get their cancer treated.

Top five cancer treatment centers in Noida:

  1. Fortis Hospital, Noida
  2. Zeeva Clinic, Noida
  3. Jaypee Hospital, Noida
  4. Metro Hospital, Noida
  5. Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital, Greater Noida

Fortis Hospital, Noida

Location: Noida, India

Recognized in: 2004

Quantity of Beds: 200

Few critical elements about Fortis Hospital based in Noida:

  • Fortis Noida was founded in 2004 and is a multi-specialty tertiary care infirmary with NABH accredited.
  • It is the sole Heart Command Centre of Fortis Escorts in Uttar Pradesh (U.P).
  • Fortis Hospital is the only corporate provision in Uttar Pradesh (U.P) that shelters an entire collection of specialisms from diagnostics to organ transplantations (particularly kidney and liver).
  • Propositions Curative Therapeutic Facilities in Cardiac Science, Neuro Science, Gastro Science, and Renal Joint.
  • Fortis Noida has imprinted a name in the medical society with its Cardiac Center of Brilliance.
  • Fortis Hospital has emerged as one of the foremost referral Centres for Renal Science and Blood Cancer.
  • The certainty that customer gratification is as significant as their products and amenities has helped this hospital garner a massive base of customers, which endures growing by the day.

Zeeva Clinic, Noida

Location: Noida, India

Founded in: 2019

  • Zeeva Oncology is a dissection of a leading clinic firm ‘Zeeva Clinic.’ Zeeva clinic is one of India’s esteemed solutions for fertility, IVF, and cancer remedy.
  • The idea to set up a first-rate facility and provide cutting-edge fertility and cancer treatment was instituted in 2019 by Dr. Vikas Goswami and Dr. Shweta Goswami.
  • This clinic is positioned in an aristocratic location of Noida; the clinic is well equipped with unconventional infrastructure.​
  • Zeeva Healthcare is one of the preferred destinations for cancer treatment in India.
  • Hence, if one wants the best fertility solution or the best blood cancer treatment center in Noida, Zeeva clinic is the answer for them. Zeeva clinic, even though recently established, has more than three thousand families happy because of them.
  • For people based in Delhi, Zeeva clinic is the most efficient clinics centers for blood cancer diagnosis and treatment. They have various centers available near you.
  • Significantly, under Dr.Vikas Goswami, the Best Oncologist in Noidawould get the best treatment possible. If one is searching for a Blood Cancer treatment center in Noida, Zeeva clinics will show up.

Jaypee Hospital, Noida

Location: Noida, India

Founded in: 2014

Quantity of Beds: 525

Things related to Jaypee Hospital, Noida:

  • Jaypee Hospital is a NABH credited multi-specialty infirmary.
  • It proposes 31 centers of brilliance.
  • Separately from the Institute of Neurosciences and Institute of the Heart, the infirmary also focuses on Cancer Institue, skeletons and joints, Backbone, Cosmetic operations, etc.
  • These clinics will appear if one is searching for a Blood Cancer treatment center in Noida. The best oncologists are listed here.

Metro Hospital, Noida

Location: Noida, India

Founded in: 1997

Quantity of Beds: 207

Things related to Metro Hospital, Noida

  • Metro Group of Hospitals was founded in 1997 by Padma Vibhushan and Dr. B C Roy.
  • It gives a Centre for Respiratory Illnesses, Centre for Renal Disciplines, Centre for Neuro Disciplines, Centre for Orthopedics, Centre for Liver & Digestive Illnesses, and Centre for Mother & Child Care.
  • Roles as two different units:
    • Metro Heart Institute comprises 110 beds.
    • Metro Multispecialty Hospital has 207 beds.
  • Metro Heart Institute offers inclusive, forward-thinking amenities in the field of blood cancer.
  • The third Best Oncologist in Noida is found in this hospital.

Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital, Greater Noida

Location: Noida, India

Founded in: 2013

Quantity of Beds: 1200

Things related to Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital, Greater Noida

  • Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital chain is a reliable healthcare benefactor in the Delhi NCR area.
  • It delivers combined resolutions for all healthcare necessities.
  • Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital was founded in 2013 and had 1200 beds, counting 275 acute beds, transversely three hospitals.
  • The Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital cluster has unlocked a third 500 bedded establishment hospital in Noida extension.
  • This hospital is accredited with NABH and offers numerous facilities to the patients through multiple practicing disciplines.
  • The hospital delivers appropriate treatments for orthopedics, neurology, blood cancer, gynecology, urology, Negligeable invasive surgery, plastic surgery, etc.

If one is searching for a Blood Cancer treatment center in Noida, Zeeva clinics will show up. This clinic has the Best Oncologist in Noida.