The Increased Popularity of US Feminized Seeds: A Short Discussion

Feminized weed seeds and their different types are slowly getting popular among growers in other locations.

These weed strains are mainly considered for their cannabis yield by the selling growers – as the male flowers do not produce the bud from where the marijuana is grown but pollinate the female flower. 

Almost half of the crop will be useless for a producer going the usual way. Therefore, they are mainly going for the US Feminized Seeds. These are known to produce almost 100% buds if bought or procured from trusted growers and seed banks.

Importance of seed feminization

In reality, feminization of the seeds or buying only US Feminized Seeds is not a standard protocol. 

You can grow your garden as you prefer, although your local legislature may limit the number and type of weed plants you can grow. However, if you feel that toiling over half of the plants that will not produce buds is a disappointing waste of time – you should feminize your seeds. 

Growing male plants is no use if you are a producer and are not interested in developing a solid natural breeding program. 

Feminized seeds also reduce the risk of unwanted pollination, creating seedy buds or flowerless male plants in the next generation. 

The new-age chemical alteration

The usual anxiety the growers have with feminized seeds is that they would produce hermaphrodite plants. This fear is futile if you buy US Feminized Seeds from a reputable seller. 

In the past, feminizers would utilize female plants purposely, which had a probability of becoming intersexual – and this character would be passed down the generation through the seeds. 

Nowadays, chemicals are applied to change the sexual direction of plants without compromising the inherent genetics of the sources. 

There are mainly two reasons weed producers do not favor natural pollination: 

  • All female cannabis plants have an intrinsic survival mechanism – they will become a hermaphrodite and produce pollen sac to self-pollinate if it faces severely distressing conditions.

It is triggered when the underlying conditions threaten the future of the plant’s lineage is compromised. Consequently, the new generation seeds will also have a chance of being intersexual, which is non-optimal for a producer breeding them for business. 

Moreover, hermaphrodite flowers can pollinate harvest-ready female plants – stopping the development of buds and starting the production of seeds. 

  • Natural feminization can produce weak strains. It is easily comprehended – the plant is resorting to a change in sex to survive the environment. 

This means that the genes are compromised enough not to offer any resistance to the present environmental threats. These strains will not produce a viable crop for a grower. 

Choosing the seed source

Although most seed sources ensure chemically feminizing their seeds, people who use natural methods are still there. 

Therefore, you must exercise caution before buying US Feminized Seeds from an unknown source. Suppose your experience in growing cannabis is not extensive. 

In that case, you should buy them from the most recommended online resource for getting perfectly feminized seeds with an assured 100% yield of buds and non-reverting to males.