7 things I wish I knew before trying to lose weight

While you are on the weight loss journey, instead of falling to the common trends you must listen to your body as it will give you hints as to what you need to eat and the foods that must be avoided. In this article, we will discuss 7 things that you need to know if you are on your weight loss journey.  Get in touch with the best weight loss camp

  • Cardio is not everything 

It’s a total misconception that one has to undergo cardio exercise for hours each day to shed that extra pounds. But the truth is that strength training is essential as it helps in building muscle. As per some findings, muscle burns additional calories than fat up to three times.  

  •  A poor diet cannot be compensated with over-exercise

It is wrong to think that one can over-exercise a poor eating habit. If the calorie consumed is more than what you burn, then it is likely that you will regain weight over time. If your sugar and calorie intake is high, then there is a lesser chance of losing your body weight even if you work out the whole day on a treadmill. You need to carefully figure out how much fat, protein, and carbs your body needs every day.

  • Make the necessary lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes play a significant role in losing weight. You must figure out the healthy habits that you should incorporate into your everyday routine so that it becomes part of your daily routine. If you follow a very restrictive diet by eliminating a certain food, in the long run, it will not do much good. 

  • Learn to say No by exercising self-control

There will be a lot of instances where you will be forced to break your diet plan which will surely make you feel a little discomfort. It could be your family get-together, office parties, etc. Instead of regretting later over your decision, you should say No to such tempting offers to break your healthy eating habit. 

  • Ensure that you have a strong support system 

Your weight loss journey will have its own challenges with ups and down. Throughout the whole process, you must surround yourself with positive people may it be your family members or friends. Openly communicate with them in your highs and lows. You could even ask for their help rather than holding on to the hard times yourself. 

  • Take care of your mental health 

Give priority to your mental health as it is very important in the entire process of weight loss journey. Eat food that helps you to improve your mental health, it will also help to fight anxiety and depression. Nuts, berries, whole grains, veggies, and fruits can be added to your everyday diet. 

7)Weight loss is an ongoing journey

The weight loss journey is on forever. People might lose weight by following a strict diet plan and workouts. But, there are possibilities that they might gain a few pounds back over time. Be prepared for all of these, don’t lose hope and give up. Throughout your weight loss journey, you have discovered new things that have empowered you to confront any challenge that comes to your path.  Livpure reviews can help you in your journey and show you effective results